Trading Non Farm Payroll

Trading Non Farm Payroll

Trading the Non Farm Payroll was exciting on Friday. We grabbed +51 pips in the U.S. session while going over a simple and effective trade strategy on the Euro pairs. The numbers we clear to us before Trading Non Farm Payroll that they were better than expected, and took traders off guard. The fast move on the U.S. Dollar reflected most on the EUR/USD sending the pair down well over 70 pips before coming up for air. We were short on the EUR/CAD from 1.4031. This level was where our 50 period was waiting for us. We waited for the news to come out and then we proceeded to carry out our rehearsed strategy if indeed the numbers came in strong. The area in which we took profit was the 1.3980 area. We would have tightened our stop and kept this trade going, however I did not feel comfortable about the pause in momentum. I made a short video for you to see. The next time you are trading Non Farm Payroll be sure to join us in our trading room.


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