B.T. (Brooklyn Trader) developed an interest in Trading at the age of 15.  At just 22 years old,  his World Market Trading Career began after College graduation. In 1995, BT worked on Wall Street as a Trader. By 1999, BT opened his own private office, 1 block from Wall Street and worked on his own with private capital. This gave BT the freedom to travel and trade on his own time.

Today, Brooklyn Trader, is Chief Market Strategist for  He is quickly becoming a highly sought-after coach for professional traders and individual investors. His primary focus is helping others learn the World Market in a Live Forex Educational Room.

BT uses what he calls the "B.T. System"  for scalping.  He uses this system daily,  when trading Forex Major Currency pairs. He spends hours each day analyzing his trades and those of other Pro Forex Day Traders.

During U.S. session, M-F 'B.T.' continues to do what he has enjoyed for many years...which is 'day trading'.  Only now, he enjoys doing so in a 'Live Room Setting' at

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Frankfurt Trader is a successful full time 'Self Taught' member of the Pro Forex Traders club. F.T has been trading for over 8 years. His passion for Trading extends well beyond the Forex Markets into 'Stocks and Equities'. His Trading style is a combination of Technical Analysis, Fundamental Charting and Flow based Strategies. 'F.T.' has combined his strategies to create an 'Easy to learn system' for Forex Day Traders.  Marco often spends time reviewing his daily and weekly trading criteria and makes it a point to continue to sharpen his skills with other Pro Freox Day Traders. 'F.T.' is a native of Germany.


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