GBPUSD Forex Trade this week

GBPUSD Forex trade this week.


This week was an excellent week. If you have been following our videos, you will see we called the OIL pop at 39.33 a few weeks ago, as well as a great short on the USDCAD. This Sunday I sent an email on the GBPUSD long we took at 1.3865, this was a classic case of a great short term short squeeze. The combined fact that the GBPUSD was at a crucial support level, combined with the fact that we are overly short the Forex market made for an excellent trade. We made over 300 pips on this trade this week.

One thing too keep in mind is this…if you are not going to stay in trades for the big move then Forex may not be the proper career for you. Most traders will take small profits and let the losers run, in our Forex Trading Room we focus on strategy, not just Forex Trading Signals. In the video below I have outlined one of our trades this week. You will see the crucial support level where we took the long is a level we have talked about in our Trading Room now for weeks, I cannot hammer home enough the fact that we need to wait for our key levels when trading forex.




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