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Training Course

Forex Training Course (Personal Forex Mentorship)

forex training course

Welcome to the Pro Trading Transformation Course

This is a course like no other. We are interested in building traders who can partner with us, therefore we have structured a Forex trading course to teach as a one on one basis.

"The best investment is to invest in yourself, not in stocks, bonds or investments"

Our Forex Trading System - Our new breakthrough trading system is called the MFS trading System. We have very simple videos to teach you how to trade, the value comes in the 10 hours of life changing one on one training for only $900.00. Why so cheap? because we are looking for traders who can partner with us and we will give you real money to trade and pay you 70% of the profits!

With this system we provide technical setups and signals to help you as you learn to trade the markets once you understand the basic concepts.

Mental Conditioning - We understand that only after one conditions their mind for success can they then become a success. Often traders begin on a bad note and unfortunately end on a bad note by quiting trading altogether. We have put together a series of helpful videos designed to increase your success in trading as it transforms your emotional instincts into productive habits and skills that increase success.

Many of our traders have come to us after they have experience some of the following common factors in Forex trading:

1.) They believe they markets were against them - if they buy price would fall if they sell price would rise.

In our mental conditioning section we explain the reasons behind this self defeating mentality and we have affirmations and procedures on how to change this behavior.

2.) I do not understand the markets! I have no idea where the next move will be!

No one fully knows where the markets will go, we provide some valuable insights on increasing your edge to help you succeed.

3.) My price entry is never good!

This is common in trading and often leads to anger and frustration, fact is we never know where price will turn, however using our key pivot areas will help you see that there is a formula to entry and exit success.



Together, we will study each section of an outline and see the techniques in action. We will see each part of the strategy so that you can then practice taking your own trades using historical data and live charts. This is the best way to get confident and profitable with trading.


Our trading course includes setups on our favorite high probability setups as well as over 10 hours valuable trading information helping you break the bad habits and install new fresh success habits conducive to winning.

Our Course Includes:

Trading Consulting 

With this course, members will receive 9 hours of trading one on one teaching. We will help you setup your software, and  your trading coach to give you his insight on how you can best improve your trading skills.  After one month BT will consult again for one hour to go over your progress.

Member Forex Signals

We provide Forex trading signals to club members and are available online to answer any questions in a live chat room, Tues, Wed and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:00am. We also provide daily videos of trades in the member section.

Members Club Live Webinars (life time membership)

Available on Wed for members only.
We teach our methods in real time from 8:30am EST to 12 noon EST once per week.
Trading course members have life time access to our webinars as well as lifetime support
Technical analysis will be sent to members as our member articles become available.

Technical Trading

1.) Introduction to trading platforms and charts.
2.) Behind the Forex market moves
3.) Simple, yet effective indicators.
4.) Fibs- how to use them effectively.
5.) Counter Trend Trading basics.
6.) Trend Trading basics.

High Probability Technical Setups
We provide a section with over 14 high probability setups to increase your awareness for possible high probability patterns and trades.

Trading Psychology

1.) Trading As A Business
2.) Mental conditioning
3.) autosuggestion videos to help mental program you for success

Fundamental Trading

1.) carry trading
2.) interest rates and central Banks
3.) fundamental news trading



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