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Learn Forex Day Trading in our Live Forex Room. Get The Right Results with our Winning Strategies. Get Educational Instruction from our Top Rated Coaches as we Day Trade Forex Live. Receive Forex Training Videos, Forex Signals, Our Forex Trading Course, and Daily Market Commentaries. Our Head Coach learned to trade on Wall Street and has 13 years of experience in the markets.

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Are you a Bank Trader? Hedge Fund Manager? Looking to sharpen your current skills? Looking to learn some new insights into Hedge Fund Style Bank Trading? Due to a large amount of inquiries from Industry Professionals we have recently added our new subscription plan for Financial Industry professionals and Institutions. For only $399.00 per month you will get membership into the best Live Forex Training Room. Our Membership is  the perfect  for Hedge Fund Managers and Stockbrokers who may not have the time to research all their daily trades. We provide tech support to get you started. JOIN NOW

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Members get a FREE Trade Copier for all U.S. session trades. All Signals are sent via Mt4 Trade Copier and SMS Private Twitter Feed

FXL Members receive ALL U.S. Session Forex Signals from the highly sought after Trader ‘B.T.’ ‘Euro signals are available via SMS ONLY. Our Signals can be set via email, automated MT4 trade copier, and Twitter SMS. Our SMS is sent via out private ‘Members Only Twitter’. Our Forex Signals are sent to a MT4 Copier and you are in control of the settings. The Forex Trade Copier is provided as a free Courtesy with membership, and created by MT4i.com. Directions and videos are provided for installation on www.youtube.com.

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Day Trading Performance

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Our 2014 Pitbull Challenge has officially begun. 

Previous Challenge Started 12-15-2012 – 6-15-2013! Day Trading Room Performance – For all of B.T.’s trades. BT ended the 6 month challenge with a 52% gain. See past challenges at Pitbull Trading Challenge.

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* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results


Our Day Trading Strategies , What System do we use?

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At Fx Live Day Trading, I would not mislead anyone into thinking Forex Day Trading is easy. In fact many may find that Trading is not for them! Although I was trained on Wall Street and Traded for over 5 years, in my opinion you do not need to work on Wall Street to day trade Forex for a living. I outline my Forex Trading Strategies in my trading course and in our Live Forex Room. I do not claim a get rich scheme. What you will find in our Trading Room is a simple no nonsense approach to Real Day Trading from Real Traders! However you obtain your Day Trading Training, I hope you all may gain the ultimate ‘Trading Edge’. Join me in U.S. session as I day trade live M-F, from 7:45am – 10:45am   I wish you the best in Forex, Brooklyn Trader (B.T.) Gerard M. Chief  Currency  Strategist / Coach FX Live Day Trading LLC 244 5th Ave, Suite 2373 New York, NY 10001

  Brooklyn Trader is a successful full time World Market Day Trader. He trained in NYC Wall Street amongst the Elite Top Traders in the world. Along with his partner, they have developed winning forex trading strategies which are used in the Forex Live Day Trading Room. Brooklyn Trader has used these pro-forex strategies successfully for 13 years.

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Our Forex Day Trading Room Provides an Online Training Course with FX Signals. Our goal is to help you on your trading career to become profitable and consistent. On our site you will find lessons by our top traders. Topics include: Technical Analysis, Forex Strategies, Risk And Money Management, Gain A Trader Mindset, Forex Pitfalls To Avoid, How To Write A Trading Plan and much more. We also provide Daily Forex Commentary, Forex Articles and Forex Educational Videos. Our Live Forex Room is the best environment for trading. Why? Because our room provides the important fundamentals of trading: Discipline, Money Management and Patience. We cover Live Trading with Real Money. We will show you our favorite day trading set-ups. This is a hands-on forex training service and you may choose to apply these strategies in your own trading right away! You Will Learn How To Set-Up Your Charts, What Indicators To Use, When To Enter A Trade, Where To Engage Your Stop Loss And When To Take Profits. FX Live Day Trading has opened the door of opportunity to everybody who is interested in learning to trade the Forex Market. We strive to give our members the possibility of becoming successful traders. To be successful in any industry, one must work with the best. You will be sitting side by side with these Elite Forex Coaches From New York City and Frankfurt Germany. Get front row seats as these two Pro Forex Traders put real money on the line and trade the markets! For your trading convenience we offer several different Forex Training Services.


U.S. SESSION: Monday-Friday Hours 7:45AM – 10:45AM (EST) EURO SESSION: Monday -Friday Hours 2:00AM – 5:00AM (EST)


As a bonus you will receive our Trading Course, and Fx Signals….FREE!



Forex Instead of Stocks?

  It is estimated that roughly half a million investors in the U.S. have switched from trading stocks to trading currencies in the past decade. Currency day trading was essentially a non-existent market less than 10 years ago. But retail investors now make up 8% of the daily volume in the $4 trillion forex market, according to the Aite Group, a financial consulting firm. It’s a unique demographic too. Currency traders are increasingly younger – with two-thirds of them under the age of 50. A higher percentage of females trade currencies than stocks as well. “In the early part of the decade and late 1990’s, good volume and volatility were present in Stocks,” says, Gerard (AKA BT, Chief Currency Strategist) “I still trade stocks, but if I want to trade volatility, I look at Currencies.”

Forex Trading Room Reviews

Read our Forex Training Results from our students. Learn how to trade with confidence and positive trading strategies.   Fx Signal Performance for Winter 2013 – U.S. Session Pip Performance Results From Our 90 Day Pit Bull Forex Challenge, Up +67% We get results and are not afraid to show it! Our Forex Educational Trading Room Results for our 90 day Forex Trading Challenge are posted, please click on chart. We Started an MT4 Account on 8/08/2011 to track our 90 challenge, the trading ended on 11/08/2011. Our goal was 40% which we clearly beat. We began another Challenge in 12/2012 this one will be for 6 months. ‘fxlivedaytrading’.   Fx Live Day Trading – Pitbull Challenge. The ‘Pitbull challenge’  is a Hypothetical Trading Account to Demonstrate our Fx Signals and Strategies, the last challenge ended on 6/14/2013 up 52%. The Results can be seen here.

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