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Forex Mentor

Forex Trading Mentor

'Forex Trading Mentor' is a widely used term on the web. So, what is a Forex Trading Mentor? At Fx Live Day Trading, we define a Mentor as a person who cares about you a your trading goals. We simply love to teach and see others fellow traders succeed. Forex is not easy and certainly not a get rich quick method of business. We feel that with proper training one can potentially gain that special 'Trading Edge'. This is what we aspire to do and according to our customers, we do it well.

forex trading mentor

We will teach you what makes us consistent profits in the Forex market. No hype, no wild promises - just the knowledge and competence you need to succeed.

Looking for Instant Forex Success? It's not here - in fact, it does not exist. What does exist is a path to consistent above average returns, if you are willing to work hard and study the ' Art of Forex Trading'.


Do I need A Forex Mentor ?

Anyone is capable of learning Forex on their own without a Forex Mentor . Let's discuss this notion for a little. When you learn any skill, wouldn't you say it may be a good idea to learn from someone who has experience in that area?  Most traders have stories about how they destroyed at least one account in the first 90 days of trading. Also Forex provides a higher degree of leverage than Stocks and can, therefore, fuel the Greedy trade or the Emotional trader. At Fx Live Day Trading, we provide our experiences and common sense approach to discuss the dangers, as well as opportunities of Forex. So do you still need a Forex Mentor ? Well you decide!

Day Trading Mentor Program


Your success is very important to us!  We strive to create the most convenient ways to provide Day Trading Mentor services to our clients.

We maintain a Live Trading Room, to trade the U.S. session each day Monday - Friday. (8:30am - 10:30am EST)

We will tailor a custom 1 on 1 program to suit your needs.


Time schedule will be discussed in a conversation within 24 hours after payment is received.


FXLIVE  offers a 5 day Forex Trading Mentor Program with 'Hands on Online Trading' Mentorship via Skype for just $1500, FXLIVE will teach for 5 hours per day, for 4 days.

One thing is for sure - nothing good is accomplished without proper planning and goal setting.  Would you like more info on our Forex Day Trading Room?

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