Cause and Effect of Day Trading

Cause And Effect Of Day Trading

The Cause and Effect of Day Trading is a simple and easy to understand, its a  term I use when trading. It means simply this… for every effect you can trace back a cause, in his cause, you can learn a lot about how to improve your strategies.

cause and effect of day trading


Day Trading – Don’t  Reinvent the Wheel

I often wonder why many traders try to reinvent the wheel. They often struggle and try to understand why they are losing. We have all been there, if we are Veteran traders. Denial for our own mistakes comes in different forms. For example, we may often blame others for our losing days, we may pout and ask why did this happen to me. Fact is, that every single trade works with or without us, and for each winning trade we did something right, and for each losing trade we did something wrong, correct? Well, not exactly but close, you see day trading is an art, and in this art we must act like artists.  Every  painting will not come out the way we intended it to, hence not every trade will work as we would have hoped. There are some examples where we will do everything right in day trading and it will just not work, why is this? Its just “That type of a Planet” I say.


Day Trading on Wall Street To Maiden Lane

Well when I went from my Wall Street office to my personal office a few blocks away on Maiden Lane, I discovered an extreme silence, and a way for me to see the trades without interruption from the Stock Broker sitting next to me, or having to go to these annoying daily meetings. Along with this, also came an extreme level of discipline since you could not copy trades from others anymore by looking over your shoulder. This new method essentially forced me to learn a different and better way of doing things with regards to trading. Yes, I went through a losing period during this transition and realized trading away from the ‘winning crew’ had its disadvantages. What I discovered though was amazing, it was a new start a new beginning.  I learned to do my own research, I realized I was developing my own trading strategy and understanding the Cause and effect of day trading.

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